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Cozy Bump is a reputed and well-established brand for pregnancy pillows. Cozy Bump is the pioneer of manufacturing pillows with baby bump support that allows expectant mothers to sleep on their back.

Cozy Bump is a world class manufacturer of premium pregnancy pillows that comfort all expecting mothers helping them to sleep comfortably. Cozy Bump offers pregnancy pillows that are scientifically engineered to aide pregnant ladies in getting a good sleep by providing them comfort and helping them sleep on their back.

With years of experience in making pregnancy body pillows, we offer pregnancy pillows with premium designs that offer full-body comfort to expectant moms, helping them sleep on their back comfortably. Our specially designed maternity pillows are unique and one of its kind.  Crafted by experts and approved by OB/GYN and Chiropractor, Cozy Bump pregnancy pillows have helped thousands of expectant mothers in getting a good night sleep.

Cozy Bump also believes in empowering women during their course of pregnancy, before and after it by allowing them to love their bodies, prepare them for the birth process and helping them in get back to their shape. Cozy Bump does this by different pregnancy yoga sessions, pregnancy workout sessions and pregnancy massage therapy sessions for women expecting to be mothers and pregnant women.

We believe pregnancy is a beautiful phase and every woman must enjoy it!

How to use Pregnancy Pillow:

1 Make sure to fill up both chambers to MAX capacity before using the Cozy Bump.

2 Once you are ready to lay down start by kneeling on the lower leg section, then slowly make your way to the center of the bed and lay yourself down carefully.

3 Position your body with your belly directly in the center of the opening. Read More...


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